Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Life Choices Panel Questions

The following questions are quoted directly from the Life Planning Resource Guide:

1.) What life choices have you made since leaving high school?

2.) How is living on your own different from your lifestyle when you were in high school?

3.) What your job? How did you come to be in this line of work?

4.) How is the way you relate at work different from the way that you related in school?
5.) What are your career plans and goals?

6.) What are your plans for continuing education and training?

7.) Compare your finances now and in high school. Do you have more or less money to do and buy things that you enjoy?

8.) Who are your friends? What characteristics appeal to you in friendship?

9.) Do you have a roommate? If so, what are your expectations for him/her?

10.) Has your dating experience changed in any way since high school?

11.) Have you decided to begin a family of your own? Why or why not?

12.) What types of community involvement have you participated in since high school?

13.) How do you spend your leisure time? Is it different than the way you spent your leisure time in high school?

14.) How much time do you have alone?

15.) What are your safety concerns?

Follow-up Discussion:
- Is it important to plan your life choices? Why or why not?
- How can a person take charge of what happens in his/her life?
- What is the definition of success?

Kister, Joanna. Life Planning Resource Guide. Ohio Department of Education, 1994.

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